Travel Candle Tins

Travel Candle Tins


Frequent flyers love our candle tins. These beauties are 16 ounces, long burning (120+ hours) and release the most relaxing fragrances to turn any home or hotel room into a cozy sanctuary.


Currant: This scent is absolutely fabulous and one of my favorites. It has an unforgettable blend of red and black currant, ripe succulent berries, rich warm amber and a hint of vanilla.


Detroit: This candle has an earthy mix of wood, patchouli and a calming blend of sweet vanilla and musk. It represents the die-hard Detroit fans that know that Detroit's future is bright!


Hudson's: This one embodies the fall season and features smoky, spicy, ripe pear, warm amber, vanilla and cedarwood.


Joy: Because this was the only emotion that came to our minds when we smelled this has notes of cranberry, citrus and spice. 


Luxe: This candle is masculine and feminine with a sweet, sultry fusion of creamy vanilla, musk, sandlalwood, with a hint of jasmine, lavender and orange.


Tranquility: This one is a sweet and salty combination of rich amber and vanilla.


Velvet Rose: If you love a rose scent, you're going to love this one. Transform your room into a garden of roses. This one has luxurious notes of rose, smoky oud wood and a little sweetness. 


Weeknd: This candle has a smooth, elegant blend of fresh flowers, with calming notes of jasmine, citrus, musk and creamy vanilla.  It will have you feeling like you're at an upscale spa.

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